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Heath Building Group

Good Site Practice


Heath Group

The mortar should be
correcttly proportioned
and thouroughly
mixed. Nothing but
clean water should be
added later, and
mortar should not be
knocked up’ (re-mixed)
after it has started
to set.
In order to achieve a
uniform appearence
throughout the building and to avoid the possibility of patches or bands of different shades, bricks
should be used from a minimum of three packs at the same time. Placing of all of the bricks from one pack in one part of the wall should be avoided.
All walls must be covered when work stops. Rain on new work can cause:

n Mortar
n Colour change
n Saturation
n Lime stains
n Efflorescence
Bricks should be
inspected on delivery. They should be unloaded directly onto a dry level area or scaffold and protected from
the weather.